Monday, February 16, 2009

Tips to Minimize Paper Jam

Paper jams seem a more common headache to some of us than others. Most jams are caused by sheets of paper sticking together or paper sticking to a roller in your printer.
Here's how to mimimize the jams :

a) Don't overload the tray.

b) Press paper down in its tray so that it fits below the tray tabs.

c) Ensure that paper fed into your printer is within its specification limits.

d) Ensure tray guides are adjusted for the intended paper size i.e. Letter, A4 etc.

e) Avoid loading sheets with pinched or folded leading edges.

f) Do not use previously printed papers.

g) Use only fresh & dry papers as paper that absorbed moisture causes jams.

h) Ensure ripped paper bits are removed from inside of printer when clearing a jam.

i) Do not fan the paper as it causes static electricity which causes jams. If paper is sticking together, remove from printer, flip it over and reload it.

j) Toner, ink, or paper dust in the paper path overtime slows the paper's movement through your printer. Check the printer's recommendations on periodic cleaning in your owner's manual.

k) Use a high quality jam-free office paper like PaperOne.

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